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Polyphasic sleep 2010, The End

I know this post is late. Very late. On the verge of what you might call extremely late. What has happened is a long story, and I intend to tell it all including all the things I have learned… but first, let me do the short version. I went another one or two weeks on […]

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Polyphasic sleep 2010, day 31

Here I am hitting the one month after a very rough week. I started working, which did not go all that well to be honest. I was not fully adapted, but that was not a huge problem… what was a huge problem however was my circadian rhythm. Let me explain. You may recall that as […]

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Polyphasic sleep 2010, day 18 & a dilemma

It is now day 18 of my polyphasic sleep experiment. I have gone through a fairly rough ride this far, and I am not fully adapted (which is as expected). For more than a week now, I have felt like my naps are incredibly refreshing. I have no problems falling asleep, sleeping or in general […]

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Polyphasic sleep 2010, day 9

This is the third part of my description of my new polyphasic sleep adaptation attempt. I will be detailing exactly what I am doing to measure how this adaptation proceeds and show some of the data I have gathered this far. Status First things first though. The last 72 hours have been miserable, especially day […]

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Polyphasic sleep 2010, day 6

Yesterday’s post sort of spilled over into this one. So, this will be part status report for the day, and part another chapter of the things I’d intended for the original post, about how I do my naps — what I changed from last time (hint: a lot), how to prepare, etc. Also today: how […]

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Polyphasic sleep, 2010 edition

Long-time readers will remember my experiments with polyphasic sleep last summer. For a few weeks I tried adapting to a new sleeping pattern, an equiphasic pattern with 6 naps per day and no longer sleep, known as the Uberman sleeping pattern to some. I failed. Which sucks, because for all the pain that the adaptation […]

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10 Common Misconceptions About Sleep

Considering that we spend roughly one third of our lives asleep, it is amazing how little most people know about sleep. Learning to control your own sleep and knowing how your body and mind react to sleep can be very beneficial to your well-being. As a starter, I present some common misconceptions and myths about […]

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Polyphasic Sleep Revisited

Here’s a quick followup on my last update on polyphasic sleep. I mentioned that I would try again quickly. I did, and as I started out I changed a few things. First of all, the most successful adaptation I have heard about was done by not being very strict — in fact, by adding more […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: The Adaptation Process

I have been rather silent about this lately, thinking about what to do. Keeping up the diary-like updates wasn’t really worth it, since I got stuck in a place where it would basically have been more of the same. I also felt somewhat overworked, and decided to take a break from all the blogging and […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: Days 10 and 11

These two days have been difficult ones. After the oversleep on day 9, I kept going ok-ish through day 10. The night to day 11 was hard, but doable, and day 11 sucked. I spent most of the day really tired, and after having to move one of my naps early and then being out […]

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