My name is Mikael Hedberg. I’m a software engineer, writer and blogger. This blog is meant as a place for me to share things that I learn on my journey through life — about personal development, about human communication and about growing as a person, touching on subjects like self discipline, self esteem and leadership.

I’ve been the kind of stereotypical computer nerd, really — I work with software engineering, I spend lots of time around computers and I’ve had an unhealthy intake of soda. I’ve been a night-time person who enjoyed staying up late tinkering with something, then going to bed only to have troubles falling asleep. As recently as a few months back I’d sleep as little as 5 hours per night, and never feel rested.

Some of what I intend to write about here is my journey this far — how I’ve gone from living that stereotype to taking some uncommon decisions and ended up feeling so much better about myself… but to me, the more exciting parts will be writing about the steps that still lie ahead on my path.

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About the blog

The blog runs WordPress with a modified version of the the Black Splat theme. The lime images around the border are from *clarity* on flickr.