I have had something of a writers block recently. I have written a whole lot, but find myself unable to complete new articles for the blog. The drafts folder contain four or five nearly finished articles, but I am finding it incredibly hard to put the finishing touches to them and get them to where I would be happy posting them.

So I figured I would try something different, thanks to a request from Protector1 on twitter. I am reviving an old tradition of mine, back from a Swedish community, where I used to write accounts of some of my weirder dreams in my online diary, under the title “A Bed Time Story for the Wicked” (and variations thereof).

Some people think dreams mean something special, or tell you something about the future. Personally, I am convinced that dreams are simply a way to process things that occupy our brains at the moment, things we have experienced recently and opportunities otherwise unexplored. Sometimes this happens in weird ways that are hard to understand for our conscious minds, but that does not detract from the usefulness of dreaming.

I try not to analyze my dreams much. Sometimes I can identify the origin of certain elements in the dreams, which I note but rarely dwell on. The benefit of dreams, to me, lies not in understanding them but in experiencing them.

So, without further delay, here is a description of an incredibly long and weird dream I had last night, in as much detail as I can remember. I will make it as understandable as possible — but it does not fully make sense to me either.


It starts out hazy, like dreams generally do. I never really remember the beginning of any dream, but the first part I do remember is that me, Lethania and someone else whom I can’t recall are walking down a forest trail. It’s dark and damp, middle of the night — I can’t remember why we were there, but we were following the trail. I think we were arguing, about who’s fault it was we had ended up there or something similar.

In the hazy way of dreams changing shape, the next thing I know, we are chasing someone down a busy market street in a foreign country, something very middle-eastern-looking. This feels pretty much like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. We’re jumping across stalls in our chase, knocking over things, people are shouting.

The guy we are chasing has done something to us, I have no idea what, but we are desperate to catch him. We eventually do catch up to him in a square. He unsheathes a knife and takes a stab at me. Worth noting is that at this point I know I am fighting some girl’s (who I can’t remember how she was involved) ex-boyfriend. This knowledge seems to somehow evaporate during the rest of the dream.

We circle ominously for a long while, he is making threatening moves with the knife, I am keeping my distance. He misses by fractions of an inch several times. Then suddenly when he jabs I lunge at him, smack his hand with a force sending the knife tumbling. The attack sends him stumbling to the ground, and as he attempts to stagger away I grab him.

… so suddenly we are in this mansion (you know how dreams are), at a feast to celebrate the catching of this criminal we were chasing, who was apparently one of the most sought-after men in the land. We get cheered at for having done the capture. There is some food involved, and some speeches, but mainly what I remember is me and Lethania getting tired of it and sneaking away from the feast and exploring the mansion.

I can not remember how, but for some reason we are eventually looking for some place to have sex. We find some good spots, but people come walking. Then we sneak into one of many bedrooms, which seems good. As we hit the bed, however, we notice that there is a window out to the corridor. We pull down the curtains and get back to the bed.

However, directly above the end of the bed, there is another large window, leading directly into a large kitchen. In the window is a chef, skin all red and wrinkled to the point of almost looking alien. He is holding a big meat carver and has just stopped chopping up some meat. Now he is simply staring at us with red eyes. We pull down the blinds and are about to get back into the groove (again) when we notice that fully half of the rooms far walls are full-height windows.

Outside the windows there is a staircase, and down the staircase Lethania’s sister and three or four others come walking.  We get up and join them, walking past some pools back to the feast.

There, one of the big leading men of the country we are in tells us the man we caught will be punished on a small tropical island on the other side of the world. He will be sent there without guards on a tourist plane. I am aghast at the situation, and feel the need to act guard myself.

The last thing I remember is us getting on board the plane.

… so what does that mean?

I have no idea of exactly what that all means, or what my brain is trying to sort out here. I recognize parts of it, like the walking through the mansion being a reflection of the fact that we are currently looking for a new house. Other parts are beyond my comprehension.

If you feel like you have an interpretation, feel free to leave a comment. I always enjoy hearing what others have to say about the mysterious things that pop up in dreams.