Quick update today… I feel like I have too much to write about this to fit into single articles like this and that isn’t really related to my progress on any given day, so maybe I will try to write something more comprehensive at some point. Anyway, a quick update on my progress.

The tiredness remains, especially during night time — yet, this night was definitely my best night this far. It does not feel quite as bad as it did a few days back, and while it seems to be steadily improving the speed of improvement is in no way acceptable to me. Something is not 100% right with my adaptation, so I want to fix that.

After thinking about it for quite a while, and doing even more research on it, I am now pretty much convinced that the key to overcoming this is to get my nap times right. Experimenting with adding more naps in hasn’t really fixed the problem at all — possibly making it worse, since I feel the most tired right after getting up. It does seem to affect other naps though. After taking an extra nap tonight, I noticed that I woke up after only 15 minutes of sleep the subsequent nap. At this point, I think I will drop the extra naps and go for fixing durations instead.

I have noticed that when I dream, I nearly always wake up in the middle of dreams, which is a good indication that I am cutting those naps a bit too short. My current plan is to set my alarms for half an hour (which should serve as a good upper limit), and see how that feels.

Hopefully, I should be able to find a good place where I can have my alarm set for 30 minutes, but normally get up earlier than that by myself. Waking up without the help of an alarm clock is more comfortable after all, so it’s a good goal to have. And still, being able to allow your body a few extra minutes of sleep every now and then could be good.

I have high hopes that this will substantially improve my waking hours now, since I have heard of a guy who completely failed to adapt to polyphasic sleep for weeks, but then changed his nap duration by only 2 minutes and adapted instantly during the next day.