Good and bad experiences today. For starters, my midnight sleep left me in zombie mode for a while. I sat watching TV (bad choice) and figured out an hour in that I was not really watching — the show had changed 15 minutes ago without me noticing to something I really dislike. I think part of my brain was really asleep there, without telling the rest of my brain. I need to become better at recognizing that kind of state and going out for a walk or something similar.

The first really good thing came the next nap though. I implemented the 2-3-2 scheme I mentioned yesterday, which meant my next nap was 3 AM. I woke up from this nap in the middle of a dream, marking the first time I dream since the start of the experiment. I felt quite rested after that nap, even though this was during what is otherwise my most difficult part of the day. The 5 AM nap was also better than the night before, even though I was still drowsy through that period.

After my 8 AM nap, I left with my mother to check out her new country-side house. The drive there was 3 hours and 15 minutes, so it was a close call. I took another nap in a hastily erected temporary bed once we arrived, which worked better than it might, considering the stressed situation. We proceeded to check for any unknown flaws in every corner of the (huge) house, which was quite taxing considering it involved climbing around the attic and such. When we were done, I took my 4 PM nap 30 minutes early, and we headed off home.

We stopped for some food on the way home, which meant that once we arrived home, it was already time for my 8 PM nap. The combination early nap + exhausted + food + sit idle in car had me incredibly tired, so I hit the sack for my  nap almost immediately upon arriving home. My cell phone (which is usually my backup alarm) had stopped working during the trip, so I didn’t set a backup alarm, and my girlfriend (who usually wakes me up if I miss my time) didn’t notice the time when I went to bed. The result of this was me oversleeping by an hour before she finally managed to shake me to life, a minute before the alarm clock went off.

I think I may have reset the alarm time for an hour ahead in my sleep, or I may have just failed to set the alarm correctly in the first place. Either way, the lesson is that I will run my full complement of back alarms from now on, which means my “pillow shaker” alarm clock under my pillow and two other alarm clocks placed well away from the bed in different corners of the room.

I feel like after the setbacks yesterday and today, I need to become more strict. It is time to take this experiment to a conclusion. The successes I have had are encouraging — I really feel like I am getting better rest out of the naps and it should be possible to fully adapt if I stop making these mistakes. A full complement of backup alarms and a ban for doing anything passive when I get up from night-time naps should do it. Also, my girlfriend has the coming week off, which means she will be able to keep me on track. I have given her full mandate to do whatever it takes to get me up.

The mess-ups have probably put me behind schedule though, so I have been considering extending the second cut-off date some. Research I have done shows that it may have been somewhat optimistic to think one week would cover it. In the best possible scenario, it probably would have, but planning for the best possible scenario wont get you anywhere. This hinges on my ability to stop screwing up, though.

I will take a decision on the cut-off tomorrow, depending on how the day works and let you know how it turns out.