Last night I hit my first (and this far, only) real setback. The night was terribly hard to pull through, and after my 4 AM nap, my brain simply refused to work. I was stuck in some sort of subconscious mode where I couldn’t really think. Somehow, I made the decision after 5 minutes awake to go back for another nap. I do not even know how it happened, I am sure I was not fully conscious.

I have been thinking about what to do to ensure that I do not fall to the same problem again. Alarm clocks are not going to help, since I actually got up, switched all the alarms around, was “awake” for 5 minutes and went back to bed without making a conscious choice to. I think the conclusion is that I will implement the extra nap I was talking about way back on day 1.

The nights are definitely the toughest, so I will be replacing my 4-4-naps at midnight, 4 AM, 8 AM with a 3-2-3 scheme: midnight, 3 AM, 5 AM and 8 AM. This makes the schedule sync up properly at eight in the morning, while increasing the density of naps in the most difficult period.

The rest of the day has swung back and forth. Sometimes I feel slightly better, but after most naps it takes me a whole lot of time to get going properly again (I would say about an hour or so before I feel reasonably good). It is fairly clear at this point that getting going after the naps is definitely my potential breaking point, so I will be focusing on trying to get started better.

I am not entirely sure how to achieve that, but a big glass of orange juice is at least one idea that might work so I bought a large can today. I have also started experimenting a bit with the alarm clock timers. A few minutes shift back or forth could mean a change of sleep phase that gets interrupted, which could make a lot of difference for how I feel.

Other than that, my body seems to be getting rest properly, whereas my brain is not. I do not feel sleep deprived as I would after an all-nighter (which I have done before and know how it feels), but rather my problem is that my brain seems to be partially off even after I get up. I haven’t had any nap that was as good as the restful one yesterday, but it does feel like some of them are better than others.

Waking up is also my only problem. Once I am awake,  I have no problem staying awake. I can easily lay down and read for half an hour before a nap without risking falling asleep too early.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day, as I have a trip planned to a house my mother just bought, which will take all day. I will have places and time to nap, but it wont be in my bed and might be in a less comfortable and more stressful environment. Should be interesting to see how I cope.