Day three has undoubtedly been the hardest day this far in the experiment. It is now more than 65 hours since my last full night of sleep. The night going from day one to day two was hard, and the same turned out to be the case with the night to day three. The difference is, this time the sleep deprivation symptoms didn’t ease up in the morning, instead they just kept getting worse through the day.

Most of the day, I did not have a problem staying awake, but “awake” meant something that I would normally not consider fully awake, mentally. I feel like I spent a large part of the day doing nothing (which includes staring at rather uninteresting TV shows), but I didn’t measure how much time that actually was. By the end of the day, I felt physically weak.

On the up side, I think I have seen the first small sign of my body adapting, in my 8 PM nap. When I woke up from that nap, I felt quite rested. Not completely rested, of course, but without the massive sleep deprivation I had felt just before that. I still have not remembered any dreams. The midnight nap was again horrible to wake up from, and currently my body is trying to shut itself down if I do something which doesn’t require focus. Even doing things that require focus is hard (like writing this post, so I apologize if this post is hard to read).

My guess is that how good I feel is pretty strongly connected to the quality of the most recent nap. My circadian rythm makes this worse during the nights, probably because the body is used to sleeping deeply for long periods of time during the night.

Something else I have noticed is that there seems to be a connection between how strong the sleep deprivation symptoms get and dehydration. Whenever I am dehydrated, I will feel the symptoms much stronger. Drinking a glass of water usually makes me feel better.

I am sure there were plenty of other things that I had planned on including in today’s update, but I will leave it as it is. My brain does not seem to want to cooperate any further.