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Polyphasic Sleep Revisited

Here’s a quick followup on my last update on polyphasic sleep. I mentioned that I would try again quickly. I did, and as I started out I changed a few things. First of all, the most successful adaptation I have heard about was done by not being very strict — in fact, by adding more […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: The Adaptation Process

I have been rather silent about this lately, thinking about what to do. Keeping up the diary-like updates wasn’t really worth it, since I got stuck in a place where it would basically have been more of the same. I also felt somewhat overworked, and decided to take a break from all the blogging and […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: Days 10 and 11

These two days have been difficult ones. After the oversleep on day 9, I kept going ok-ish through day 10. The night to day 11 was hard, but doable, and day 11 sucked. I spent most of the day really tired, and after having to move one of my naps early and then being out […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: Day 9

Like I mentioned yesterday, I started experimenting with my nap times to see if I could reduce drowsiness. I started with the theory that increasing my nap times to 30 minutes and possibly waking up before the alarm would do the trick. It did not — but it did give a very valuable hint: I […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: Day 8

Quick update today… I feel like I have too much to write about this to fit into single articles like this and that isn’t really related to my progress on any given day, so maybe I will try to write something more comprehensive at some point. Anyway, a quick update on my progress. The tiredness […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: Days 6 and 7

As you may have noticed, I missed writing an update yesterday. The very simple reason for this is that I had an incredibly tough night, and just could not find the energy and focus it takes to write an article about it. Rather than writing down something incoherent and rambling, I simply left it for […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: Day 5

Good and bad experiences today. For starters, my midnight sleep left me in zombie mode for a while. I sat watching TV (bad choice) and figured out an hour in that I was not really watching — the show had changed 15 minutes ago without me noticing to something I really dislike. I think part […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: Day 4

Last night I hit my first (and this far, only) real setback. The night was terribly hard to pull through, and after my 4 AM nap, my brain simply refused to work. I was stuck in some sort of subconscious mode where I couldn’t really think. Somehow, I made the decision after 5 minutes awake […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: Day 3

Day three has undoubtedly been the hardest day this far in the experiment. It is now more than 65 hours since my last full night of sleep. The night going from day one to day two was hard, and the same turned out to be the case with the night to day three. The difference […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: Day 2

I have now made it through the first full day and night cycle of my polyphasic sleep experiment. It is now 40 hours since I last woke up from sleeping more than 20 minutes. The problems I mentioned yesterday with falling asleep have disappeared completely. My 4 AM nap was problematic last night, but that  […]

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