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Polyphasic Sleep: Day 1

I mentioned yesterday that I was starting a sleep experiment, trying polyphasic sleep. I have started out carefully, and today I will tell you a bit more about my plans for the experiment, about the specific research I have done, and about my first experiences today. First of all, I have selected to go for […]

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Polyphasic Sleep: Gearing up for an Experiment

I have one day left of work before my vacation. As my vacation starts, so will an experiment I am doing with regards to sleep. After researching sleep on and off for about half a year, I have decided to try something called polyphasic sleep. But to introduce what it is, let us go back […]

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Cleanse Yourself

Nearly everyone is addicted — but probably not in the way you think about addictions. “Addiction” is such a highly charged word, but really an addiction is simply any substance that our body craves. We tend to view addictions as something inherently very negative, and to an extent they all are, but addictions can vary […]

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