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Being Smart About Getting Things Done

In this article, I will be tellingĀ  you how to become more efficient and get more things done while spending less time feeling bored. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it? I somewhat hesitate on using the term “Getting Things Done” (commonly abbreviated GTD, like you needed an acronym for it), since that tends to be associated […]

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How to Stop Being Tired and Start Living with Energy

I used to have the bad habit of staying up longer than I should in the evenings, sometimes a fair bit past midnight. I’d be running on fumes and caffeine, and by the time the fumes ran out and I got to bed, I would be completely exhausted. Still I often had problems falling asleep, […]

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Break a Habit Today

Humans are masters of habit. It makes absolutely perfect sense for a cave man to keep coming back to that water hole, to stay with the same shelter, to eat the same kind of fruit (that is unlikely to be toxic) as always before. Sticking with good habits was a survival strategy, and it is […]

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Welcome to a new me

My name is Mikael Hedberg. I’m a software engineer, writer and blogger. This blog is meant as a place for me to share things that I learn on my journey through life — about personal development, about human communication and about growing as a person, touching on subjects like self discipline, self esteem and leadership. […]

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